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10 de mayo

May 10 is known as Mothers Day in most latin countries, regardless of what day of the week it lands on. When I longed to be a mother, I dreaded the days leading up to May 10 and whatever date Mothers Day was in the US. It was a constant reminder that my baby/ies were not earth side. I wasn't the "obvious" mother and only those closest to me truly acknowledged me as a mother. Last year was different; I had the clear pregnant belly. Last year on Mothers Day, Omar, my grandparents and his sister and mother joined us to see Ezekiel Robert in a 3D/4D ultrasound. It was so surreal seeing him in that format with all his features and alien-like movements. I remember he was asleep with his hands up at his face. I tried drinking cold water, eating a piece of taffy and doing some yoga poses to get him up and moving. Thankfully that combination worked and we were able to see our little man. We also recorded his heartbeat and got two stuffed animals with the recording inside - a lion to represent Omar and an elephant to represent me.

This year, I was finally able to officially celebrate el Dia de las Madres, el 10 de mayo. I slept in a little longer than usual (poor pops is teething badly!) and still woke up in time to see Omar off to work. When he hugged me tight and said "Happy Mothers Day" I completely lost it. It was finally happening, I was able to celebrate my first Mothers Day. To be honest, I had forgotten all about it based on how exhausted I had been. My grandpa also gave me a big hug and got a little teary eyed. When my grandma woke up, we gave each other Dia de las Madres hugs and shortly after, Ezekiel was up. His hug was the best.

I was going to jump in the shower when Ezekiel decided he wanted to nurse and fell asleep. I planned to lay him down so my grandma could keep an eye on him and I didn't even realize I had knocked out with him, in the guest room (told you, I was exhausted). When I finally woke up, it was already damn near 11am! The rest of the day we spent playing, getting in some snuggles and cleaning up a little, I Doordashed lunch for my grandma and me while we binge watched a show on Hulu.

Shortly after, Omar got home from work, with my grandpa in tow. We got ready for a nice steakhouse dinner, picked up my stepson and headed to Cattleman's. Ezekiel Robert did so well and only slightly fused as it got past bedtime. We stopped by to get some cookies on our way home and went to bed shortly after. I couldn't heart was full. I never thought I'd get this - an easy but meaningful 10 de mayo.

From my notes: 5/10/23, 10pm

First official Mother’s Day

Today is May 10, Mexican Mothers Day and my very first official Mothers Day. I still can’t believe that I am Ezekiel Roberts momma and because of him I get to “officially” celebrate this holiday. We went to Cattlemen's for dinner with my grandparents and Chikis was able to join us. Now everyone’s asleep and I’m laying in bed with quiet tears running down my face because I have the offices title of momma. Ezekiel and Omar are asleep in bed next to me and I am just so freaking happy and full of love.

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