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Where to even begin. If you have been around for a while, you know I seriously considered “going tiny” a few years back when I started the process of selling my first condo.

I ended up buying a mobile home that was stationary in a mobile home park that I absolutely loved. However, fast forward a few years, throw in a BF, a baby, the sale of the mobile home and renting for a year and we are here. My BF and I have decided to go tiny! Although its not into a “tiny home” we are going to be drastically downsizing our small family into a 5th Wheel RV and moving out into the countryside to work towards our goal of a ranch with a few acres and some livestock for our son, a garden and a small vineyard for my grandparents.

Follow along on this journey of ours on Instagram @RVidaFam for updates as we begin this fulltime RV-ing life for the time being.  


Here's to this exciting adventure!

Julie Marie

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