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Life Lately...

It has been a while since my last post and let me tell you, life has been intense. To get up to speed and get back into regularly blogging for my own mental sanity, this is a quick overview

  1. I sold my house! After the sale of my condo, I bought a cozy mobile home that I absolutely loved (disliked the parking sitch). Once Ezekiel was born, Omar and I realized that we needed to join households and live in one place with one set of living expenses. I realistically didn’t have the space/storage we needed and the market was hot so I decided to list my house and boy oh boy did it sell pretty fast! People are usually afraid to buy a mobile home in fear of depreciation but let me tell you, I turned a pretty good profit. We temporarily stayed at the Ranch where Omar was living before securing our current home.

  2. I [tried to go] back to work. After being out from the end of June – November, I attempted to return to work on Dec 1 but the Universe had other plans

  3. Since December 5, our son has been in and out of ERs (prob close to 10 times?) and has been admitted to the hospital four – yes FOUR – times for acute respiratory failure. There is a highlight on my IG all about the cooties and on my “don’t kiss babies that aren’t yours” soapbox. In December, he managed to catch RSV. He came home and about 3 weeks later, he caught Rhinovirus. We were actually flown to a Children’s Hospital that’s about 150+ miles from home and we were there for a week. About 3 weeks after that nightmare, we were given the green light to visit my family in Southern CA and unfortunately ended our trip with him being admitted AGAIN to the PICU! Most recently, we were admitted again at our local hospital overnight so they can monitor his breathing rate. The root cause for the sudden failure is still outstanding.

  4. We have started the process with a Pulmonary Specialty clinic about 100 miles from home to identify the underlying reason, if any, for how quickly he gets so sick. It at times is without notice and that has had my PPA/stress off the charts! Thank you to my momma support crew, therapy and meds!

  5. My milk supply has been all over the place and Ezekiel doesn’t do well with formula so I have been doing all the things to increase this lechita supply- it needs its own post!

  6. Bye bye Benz, hello momma mobile! (and its NOT a van lol)

  7. Its March. Ezekiel is back at daycare and this momma is back at work!

  8. Michelle and I are looking to start a podcast so stay tuned

My hope is to come on here more often. Not my hope, my plan. I'm determined :)


Julie Marie

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