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A very COVID Christmas...

December 2020 was full of lots of exciting plans. By now, its clear that COVID-19 did not go away after the initial 2-week shelter in place orders that were put into effect in March 2020. However, December was full of exciting plans: trip to the snow, winter camping trips, dinner with old friends, holiday dinners at my new casita, baby boy....

My younger sister was originally due December 24 with my first actual baby nephew. To say that my mom and sisters were thrilled and anxiously waiting is a complete understatement. He is the little ray of sunshine after the 2019 and 2020 we've had. I was hoping to be in Southern CA on baby watch or being Titi Julie.

Well, COVID is still here.

Still haven't been to Lake Tahoe (neither in the winter snow or summer heat). Zero camping trips in the books for 2020.

No dinners with old friends.

No dinners at the new casita or a housewarming/tree trimming party. BUT baby boy was born 12/12/20 and is happy, healthy and a hungry hungry pansa.

And dang COVID is keeping me 500+ miles away from him.

I was pending COVID test results before heading to visit them and while my test was confirmed negative, my mom, both sisters and my grandma have since been confirmed COVID positive.

With all the craziness that is and possible exposure to the virus from literally everywhere, I made the decision to spend Christmas 2020 at my new casita with babygirl. It has proved to be a very quiet, weird, COVID Christmas...and in all actuality, it doesn't even feel like Christmas....

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